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New Page
New page titled Diary, Its on the side panel. Soon All this news will be ereased from last year. News from 2006 Will stay, and after every news message. It will say diary to check whats new. Enjoy Diary
ZD Award 2006
Even though Julia loves fancy clothes, what she loves most is to take it off – because it’s so hot! If only shocked Kremlin knew that it’s no big deal and happens pretty much every time t.A.T.u. perform… New ZD Award gallery!

ZD Award 2006
Julia's Birthday
Thank you guys for congratulations for Julia! T.o.d.a.y. all the wishes from the tatu.ru forum will be delivered to blue-eyed birthday girl. At 7:40 pm (Moscow time) Julia is accepting birthday wishes on BBC Russia in the Seva Novogorodtsev’s show “BBSeva”. BBC Russia operates in Moscow and St. Petersburg at frequency 1260 kHz (medium waves).

The recorded show will be here
Russia Today
Russia Today Channel: “And how come you had a lot of friends from gay community when you were just 15?” Interview:
P.S. And nobody could force Julia to take off her "noisy" bracletes!
Close To Stars, Russian Files
Artur Gasparyan, musical critic: «Nobody has expected that after such a deafening silence they could rise». On February, 19 at 5:45 PM (Moscow time) don’t miss a documentary about t.A.T.u. in “Closer to Stars. Russian Files” program produced by MUZ TV music channel.
Sync Magazine
t.A.T.u. in the March issue of SYNC magazine: photographs from the house of the dead.     
Dont Give Place To Dangerous And Moving
[only for Moscow]

They destroy and we - create. They are in majority, and we are – not. They hate HUMAN BEINGS, and we hate them. And we’re not going to give place to them.

Show t.A.T.u. CD to us and get 20 warning signs. You know where to leave them.
Please, write your name and possible date to voevodina@tatu.ru and wait for confirmation. Please, note: this is only for those who are in Moscow. 
t.A.T.u. on Their Own
Julia: «I see that many people envy me. Many think: “Why are these girls so popular, and why does nobody notice me?” But I don’t care. The most important thing is our fans and their love.

Lena: «I don’t know if it’s a shame or happiness, but I haven’t listened to any album of Russian artists for about two years».

t.A.T.u. ON THEIR OWN NEON magazine, February 2006
Latin Press
For everybody who speaks spanish - the press from Latin Promo Tour!

Fans y Musica, Io Importante Para t.A.T.u. - Fans And Music, Important for t.A.T.u.                                                            
Besitos Light - Light Kisses
Hacen Io que les gusta - They do what they like
Peligrosas y movidas - Dangerous And Moving
No importa el sexo - Sex doesnt matter
t.A.T.u.: energetico y feroz - t.A.T.u.: Energetic and Atrocious
Nuestra sexualidad no es lo mas relevante - Our sex is not relevant
Comparten cama pero no sexo - Share beds but no sex
Son tan polemicas como siempre - They're polmicans like always
t.A.T.u. Bi sexuales! - t.A.T.u. Bi sexual!
A poco ustedes no se masturban? - Little you guys do not ...
Llega t.A.T.u. desde Rusia con amor - t.A.T.u. comes from Russia with Love
* I did some translation
Russian Bravo
“We’ve driven into a corner the girls from t.A.T.u. and found out what personalities hide behind the names Julia Volkova and Lena Katina.” Hmm… Tell us about the corner – these personalities can themselves drive into a corner whoever they want
t.A.T.u. And Neon
February, 2 a new issue of NEON magazine is coming out with the first t.A.T.u. double-cover in Russia. Lena and Julia are not only cover, but also backcover girls. Inside stuff will also be pretty cool
t.A.T.u. is not a product They are Art
“Well, we’ve never done any pr stuff on purpose. Everything we’ve done is our own wishes. Vanya could never manage to force us do something we don’t want to. t.A.T.u. is not a product. t.A.T.u. is art”. Interview to the magazine «10 days» (Ukraine).
From Julia's Cam
It turned out Julia had a personal camera in all promo-tours, and whoever was close, took pictures! We've recently taken some shots from Julia's digital toy for the sake of a new tatu.ru gallery:

Shots from Julia's Cam
NRJ Awars Winners
Yesterday at the Finnish Hartwall Arena t.A.T.u. got the award in all two categories - "Best Pop" and "Best International Group". Two copies of "NRJ Radio Awards" - prestigious music award of Nordic countries – are ours! Thank you, guys, for support in voting!

The winners are here!

In 2003 t.A.T.u. won NRJ Radio Award in the nomination Best International New Artist.
The Best Way To Find Love?
Julia: Not to do anything on purpose.
The craziest thing you did while in love?
Lena: I came back for his birthday from Tokyo as a surprise!
t.A.T.u. answer questions in the February issue of YES STARS mag!
Well tatu fans, I have added a topsite. Please add your site ( Only Tatu Sites ) Thank you, I hope you like it, heres the link :
t.A.T.u. And Neon
January, 17 a new issue of Russian music magazine NEON is coming out with a special supplement – a conceptual calendar. Among the hottest (well… almost Russian stars there will be t.A.T.u. Why the fish? Because Julia is Pisces!  
Europe Again
January, 18 t.A.T.u. are making for Europe again. At 4:25 PM Lena and Julia are arriving at Helsinki, where on January, 19 NRJ Radio Awards annual ceremony, prestigious music award in Nordic countries, takes place. t.A.T.u. are nominated in two categories: Best Pop and Best International Group.

Online voting is still open!

t.A.T.u. will stay at HOTEL KLAUS K. In the evening of January, 18 Lena and Julia will have a rehearsal at Hartwall Areena.

January, 19

From 3:30 PM to 6 PM dress rehearsal of the ceremony is taking place at Hartwall Areena. Before the ceremony t.A.T.u. will meet with journalists from Popaddikti, MTV Finland, Voice TV, Mix, Radio NRJ, Suosikki and Cosmopolitan.

At NRJ Radio Awards t.A.T.u. will present the award to one of the nominees and will perform “All About Us”.
Best Pop Album

Reputable music web observer Vadim Ponomarev sums up the show-business outcome of the year 2005 in “Vzglyad” newspaper:

Best Pop Album of the Year

There are generally just few good pop-albums. Now pop music is more about hits than albums. And releasing albums became a hobby, almost an eccentricity. Among the strongest eccentricities are the albums of “Gosti iz buduschego”, t.A.T.u., “Faktor-2” and Sergey Lazarev. Out of them, t.A.T.u. and “Factor-2” sold the most. Struggling between these last two, we can’t help considering artistic criteria here (oh, even if we really don’t want to). Powerful and perfect in terms of recording, t.A.T.u.’s album “LUDI INVALIDI” is the best album of the year 2005
Official Charts
Single: All About Us

World: #16 (Best: #12)
European Union: #11 (Best: #3)

Austria: #35 (Best: #3)
Belgium (Flanders): #22 (Best: #11)
Belgium (Wallony): #6 (Best: #4)
France: #17 (Best: #7)
Germany: #33 (Best: #7)
Greece: #24 (Best: #9)
Italy: #15 (Best: #4)
Luxembourg: #13 (Best: #6)
Sweden: #18 (Best: #6)
Switzerland: #13 (Best: #14)

Single: Friend Or Foe

Spain: #31
Happy New Year
Well this site has barley been up for a year, but it has made well processes. I would also like to thank Alex Thompson for all the support he gave for this site! And stay tuned for new tatu songs and concert tours of 2006, Thank you all, Happy New Years!
From Hugo Director of Site
Yulia's Diary
Guys, go to… next year! Move forward and right now leave all the bad things behind! Love, relax, dream, STAY! Me and Lena love you and are always with you!

Happy Holaidays, PEOPLE

By the way, in Taipei t.A.T.u. met with fortune teller, who told them a detailed life-story of those, who were born on the same dates as Lena and Julia. It turned out, money will chase both of them, both might marry late, but a lot of happiness is ahead of their lives. Let a lot of happiness be also ahead of tatu.ru guests! Happy holidays, PEOPLE!

New pictures from Taiwan

Fresh Press On Tatu


Russian GALA/top 150 best people of 2006

Official Charts

Single: All About Us

World: #15 (Best: #12)
European Union: #5 (Best: #3)

Austria: #20 (Best: #3)
Belgium (Wallony): #6 (Best: #4)
Belgium (Flanders): #22 (Best: #11)
France: #14 (Best: #7)
Germany: #29 (Best: #7)
Greece: #24 (Best: #9)
Italy: #15 (Best: #4)
Luxembourg: #26 (Best: #6)
Sweden: #20 (Best: #6)
Switzerland: #16 (Best: #14)
Happy Holidays To All
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all tatu fans and have a Happy New Year! Thank you also for supporting this site by your views
** Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year **
Here Are Some Remixes
Here are some friend or foe remixes from single:
( thanks to taty jp )
The Last Promo Tour
The last promo-tour “charged” Latin America extremely well.

In Brazil, “All About Us” is the #5 most played track at radio, including all the local repertoire. In the playlists of MIX radio, the station that did t.A.T.u. live showcase in Sao Paulo, “All About Us” is the most requested track this week. t.A.T.u. are #1.

New pictures from Brazil are here!
In Argentina, “All About Us” is a top 5 hit in the airplay charts.

Mexico, the album “Dangerous and Moving” moved up to #4 in the sales charts at the time when all the big releases are coming out.
Tatu Will Perform on Energy Stars for Free
December, 21 Tatu will leave for Zurich, where on December, 22 Energy Stars For Free, the big music event, is taking place for the third time.

Lena and Julia will sing:

1. All About Us
2. She Loves Me
3. Obezyanka Nol
4. Friend or Foe
5. Dangerous & Moving

Arrival at Zurich: 7:10 PM (flight LX 1327)
Hotel: Park Hyatt Zurich

Venue: Hallenstadion
Capacity: 12, 000 people (the biggest arena in Switzerland)
Doors: 4:30 PM
Beginning: 6:30 PM
Appox. end: 11 PM
Energy Stars For Free 2005
Guy Chambers Wrote A Song for Tatu
Guy Chambers, mostly known as co-writer and producer of five Robbie Williams’ albums, wrote a song “Wrapped Around Your Finger” for t.A.T.u.. For the present, the song will be performed exclusively at concerts.

Besides his work with Robbie Williams, Chambers collaborated with INXS, James Blunt, Diana Ross and other high-profile artists.
New Web Designe
Well tatu fans I have uploaded some new web designes and they are Here : Layouts - and you will be able to vote soon. So take a look and decide which one you want, or you can leave a comment on the shout out to say something about the designes. More designes will be uploaded, Enjoy! And please do vote
New Buttons
As you can see the news title I have changed it to a button, I am not sure if I will keep it and change all the other titles into buttons. Leave a comment on the shoutout box if you think the buttons are better, please and thank you
Single All About Us : 

World: #15 (Best: #12)
European Union: #4 (Best: #3)

Austria: #13 (Best: #3)
Belgium (Wallony): #4
Belgium (Flanders): #20 (Best: #11)
France: #11 (Best: #7)
Germany: #18 (Best: #7)
Greece: #21 (Best: #9)
Italy: #6 (Best: #4)
Luxembourg: #8 (Best: #6)
Sweden: #15 (Best: #6)
Switzerland: #15 (Best: #14)

Tatu nominated at NRJ Radio Awards 

On January 19th 2006, NRJ Radio Awards 2006 will take place in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland. Tatu are nominated in 2 categories - Best Pop and Best International Group. The nominees for each category are:

Best Pop - Tatu, Madonna, Shakira, Sugarbabes and The Black Eyed Peas.
Best International Group - Tatu, Sugarbabes, Green Day, The Black Eyed Peas and The Pussycat Dolls.

Voting on-line for NRJ Radio Awards can be done below:
NRJ Awards Final voting

t.A.T.u. set                

December, 10 (Saturday)

Half an hour ago t.A.T.u. have returned from the sound check. They are already meeting with the journalists. Today Lena and Julia will give interviews to Channel V, MTV Korea, MTV Asia, Daum, radio Perfect Ten 98.7FM (Singapore), Teens Magazine (Singapore).

Since yesterday people have been gathering around the venue Chung-Sheng so that they could take best places at the football stadium during Power V festival. At 8:10 PM a 20-minute t.A.T.u. set starts. Lena and Julia will sing six songs:

1. All About Us
2. She Loves Me
3. Obezyanka Nol
4. Dangerous and Moving
5. Friend or Foe
6. All The Things She Said

Can Tatu do without adventures?  
                                                                                       can Tatu do without adventures? The flight San-Paolo – Frankfurt went smoothly not counting the suspiciousness of a flight attendant, who saw Lena and Julia going to the restroom together.
Flight attendants: Excuse me, but what are you going to do there together? Julia: We do everything together – travel together, live together! Flight attendant thought for a second and then said politely: Ok, take your time.
At Frankfurt airport it turned out that Julia took a passport without Taiwan visa (for travel conveniences she has two passports), so she was not allowed to the Frankfurt-Honk Kong flight. Only Lena came to Taipei but without her suitcase and spent the evening shopping her new clothing. Later Julia had her passport delivered to her, so she’s arriving Taipei today at 11:20 AM. From the airport Julia will go straight to the press-conference.

December 9 (Friday) In the morning Lena will give interviews to the journalists from Malaysia (Hot Mag, Hitz Fm) and Indonesia (Rolling Stone, Spice).
At 1:30 PM a one-hour press-conference will start, with about a hundred of representatives of national and regional mass media. At the beginning of the conference Tatu will receive gold record plaque from Universal Music: in Taiwan the album "Dangerous and Moving" has already reached "golden" status – 15,000 copies sold.
After the press conference Tatu will give three more interviews (ERA news, CTI news, UFO radio) and at 5:10 PM they will be the guests in the live entertainment news TVBS-G.
At 7 PM Lena and Julia will have a sound check at the football stadium Chung-Sheng (capacity 30, 000 people). Tomorrow there will be a music happening V-Power, where Tatu are headliners and the only international stars.

Friend or Foe release postponed

The second Tatu single from album "Dangerous and Moving" - "Friend or Foe" is slightly postponed in Norway. The single will be released on January 16, 2006. This date was previously set for UK only.


CD Maxi
1. Friend or foe (Single Version)
2. Friend or foe (L.E.X. Global Oxygen Edit)
3. Friend or foe (Morel's Pink Noise Mix)
4. Friend or foe (Video)

CD Single
1. Friend or foe (Single Version)
2. Friend or foe (L.E.X. Global Oxygen Edit)

Tatu ran off to Taiwan
The next to the last day of the Brazilian promo-tour turned into the last one for Brazilian Tatu-fans. Initially scheduled to December 7 appearances were moved to the previous day and on the night of December 6, Tatu left for Taiwan. Such a quick escape of the Russian pop-stars to Taiwan made thousands of Brazilian fans disappointed and brought people who followed the group's promo-tour into a sort of bewilderment .

The most unexpected situation of this promo-visit took place on the night of the performance in Urbano club. The club was fully packed with fans and the volume of the playback was clearly above the level suitable for clubs of this size. Because of fallacious volume and Brazilian heat Tatu suffered a general overrun and were forced to be taken care of with a professional medical assistance. As a result, they had to cancel an upcoming appearance at MTV Brazil show DISK. The program presenters excused themselves for Tatu’s cancellation because of bad physical condition of Yulia and Lena. A set of rumours was immediately launched. Some of sources even reported hospitalisation of Lena. To the relief of both Tatu-girls and their fans, everything ended up fine and the mini-gig turned into a success.

Tomorrow at 14.00 Tatu arrive with the flight CX406 to Taipei International airport. Representatives of Taiwan media are expected to cover Tatu’s arrival. After that, Tatu will go for accommodation at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei Hotel.

Official Charts

Single: All About Us

World: #12
European Union: #3

Austria: #7 (Best: #3)
Belgium (Wallony): #5
Belgium (Flanders): #18 (Best: #11)
France: #7
Germany: #15 (Best: #7)
Greece: #15 (Best: #9)
Italy: #9 (Best: 4)
Luxembourg: #8 (Best: #6)
Sweden: #11 (Best: #6)
Switzerland: #17 (Best: #14)

Album: Dangerous and Moving

European Union: #85 (Best: #23)

t.A.T.u. are staying at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei hotel
At 2 PM (local time) t.A.T.u. are arriving at Taipei airport (flight CX406). Their arrival will be covered by major mass media of Taiwan. t.A.T.u. are staying at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei hotel.

Last day in Brazil
At 10 AM t.A.T.u. will give an interview and have a photo shoot for MTV Magazine. For the thirst time in the history of the magazine the cover will have not vj’s or phsycodelic pictures, but artists - t.A.T.u.

At noon Lena and Julia will go to Transamerica Radio, and afterwards the whole crew will have a sound check for the evening 45-minute performance at the Radio Mix showcase. The show venue is the concert area URBANO (capacity 700 people). The showcase starts at 4 PM and later will be broadcasted on MIX TV.

From 6 PM till 9 PM t.A.T.u. will be the guests of MTV Brazil. Lena and Yulia will appear live in DISK show, record the interview for MTV Journal and watch the videos they like in a show VideoClash.

At 11 PM starts a 28-hour flight to Taiwan. GUYS, t.A.T.u. ARE COMING TO YOU!

                                                                                     Latin America promo-tour continues! The flight from Argentina to Brazil was delayed, and Lena and Yulia returned to the airport entrance several times – to hang out with their fans who came to kiss them good bye. Thanks to Argentinean tatumans who finally let t.A.T.u. leave Buenos Aires, last night Lena and Yulia arrived to the biggest Brazilian city San Paolo.

December, 5 (Monday)

In the morning t.A.T.u. will give interviews to Brazilian radio stations Radio Energia 97M and Jovem Pan (live show PÂNICO 12:15 PM – 1:45P M).

At 2 PM Lena and Yulia are expected at the rehearsal of Jô Soares Show (TV Globo) – Brazilian variant of David Letterman and Jay Leno shows with 10-million audience. t.A.T.u. will perform All About Us” and “All the Things She Said”.

After the show t.A.T.u. will meet with journalists of programs Metropolis (TV Cultura) and Multishow (cable channel).

At 10 PM t.A.T.u. will go to Hebe Camargo Show (SBT TV), where they’ll perform “All About Us”. The show with 20 million viewers will be aired live.

Gomenasai got its second birth
                                                                                         One of the few ballads from the new album "Dangerous and Moving" – "Gomenasai" begins its airplay worldwide. Californian band Flipsyde borrowed original vocal and instrumental parts of Tatu's for its new hit "Happy Birthday". Lyrics of this rap ballad have nothing to do with the birthday greetings but tell about regrets of a person over his unborn child.

Promo-tour: ARGENTINA 

Having left Mexico, where the album «Dangerous and Moving» has already reached “golden” status (50,000 copies sold), on the first day of Latin American summer t.A.T.u. arrived in Argentina. Lena and Julia are staying in Hotel Faena Universe (Martha Salotti, 445).

December, 1 (Thursday)

During second half of the day t.A.T.u. are giving interviews at Radio Disney, Pop Radio и TN Show. In the evening t.A.T.u. are meeting the journalists from national and cable tv channels - Mananas Infornales (Canal 13), VIVI Musica (Canal 9), Much Music, Buenos Dias Argentina, A 24, Lo Mejor De Fox, Mar de Fondo.

10:30 PM t.A.T.u. perform at the show CIRCO CRIOLLO (Canal 9), where they are singing «All About Us» and «All The Things She Said”.

December, 2 (Friday)

At 2:30 PM t.A.T.u. are expected at the radio LA 100 (Mansilla 2668), at 4 PM – at the radio FM HIT (Rivadavia 835). At 4:45 PM Lena and Julia are giving an interview to the first national paper of Argentina Clarin at Café Tortoni (Rivadavia 840).

At 6 PM - sound-check before a 50-minute performance at Cablevision (Paroissian 3930). The performance starts at 8 PM and will be broadcasted at fibertel.com. Next week the recorded show will be repeated on Radio Disney.

December, 3 (Saturday)

At 11:30 AM t.A.T.u. will show up in the live music show on Rock In TV. After lunch Lena and Julia are meeting Argentinean mass media reps - Gente, Hombre, TKM, 10musica.com, Telam Agency, Reuters&Dyn agency, Para Ti.

Yulia's Diary 

 Mexico-o-o-o-o! One more step forward, and we’re on the top again!!! Cool welcome, a crowd of our fans, the weather is fucking awesome, the show is unforgettable!!! How amazing it is when you feel people need you, when all the world is inside you!... Today we had an autograph session – thousands of fans, screams, huge love that leads to losing control over youself! The security of the store couldn’t cope with such craziness, and we had to run from the autograph session! And when we were going down the elevator, it fell down the well, so we were getting out of it “like locals” - on all fours… Again the scandal, again t.A.T.u.!!!!

"Viva Mexico!" by Tatu 
                                                                                                        On November 29, Tatu performed live at one of the largest shows in Mexico – Telehit. Passionate Latin audience didn't disappoint Tatu girls and showed them a full support. Although Yulia's voice failed during performance of "Obezianka Nol", it didn't spoil the overall atmosphere of fest in the hall. Lena exclaimed in excitement "Viva Mexico! You are the best!" and promised to come back with a gig already this summer.

All in all Tatu performed 8 songs at this presentation:
All About Us
Not Gonna Get Us
Obezianka Nol
Perfect Enemy
Friend or Foe
Loves Me Not
Dangerous and Moving
All The Thing She Said

To all that, official release of the new Tatu video "Friend or Foe" took place in Mexico last night.

They are not a duo any more. A band. Consisting of two individual creative people. They are not sweet nymphets. Rock ladies. With heavy sound and musicians to back them up. The story in details about t.A.T.u. is here [44.1 MB, 11:59].

Promo-tour: MEXICO

November, 28 (Monday) at 6:50 PM t.A.T.u. are arriving at Mexico City (flight LUFTHANSA 498). Until tomorrow’s afternoon Lena and Julia will be resting at Four Seasons Hotel to be fresh for another media-marathon.

November, 29 (Tuesday)

t.A.T.u. will be meeting journalists and photographers starting from second half of the day. At 2 PM t.A.T.u. are having a press conference with almost a hundred representatives of most important Mexican mass media. Additionally, Lena and Julia will give several interviews after the conference (Televisa Espectaculos, Hechos Tv Azteca, Tu magazine, Seventeen).

At 4:30 PM t.A.T.u. are going to sound-check before the music show at Telehit channel – the most important music channel in Latin America. Before the show t.A.T.u. will talk with the journalist from Alfa Radio - the most popular pop radio station in the country. Telehit airs live at 8 PM.

Pictures Update!

Finally, I  have added pictures from 2001-2005. All Pictures are sorted out by year of picture date. Check it out you'll definetly like it


Friend Or Foe Single Ready to Be Released

During the past week, Universal Music shipped off promo-discs of Tatu's second single "Friend or Foe".

The disc includes five remixes of "Friend or Foe" and one album version of the song.

1. Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix
2. L.E.X Massive Club Mix
3. Morel's Pink Noise Mix
4. Glam As You Mix by Guena LG
5. L.E.X Global Oxygen Mix
6. Album Version

It's become known that another edition of the promo-disc includes 13 remixes of "Friend or Foe".

1. Glam As You Radio Edit
2. Glam As You Club Mix
3. Lenny Bertoldo Radio Edit
4. Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix
5. Lenny Bertoldo Dub Mix
6. L.E.X Global Oxygen Edit
7. L.E.X Global Oxygen Club Mix
8. L.E.X Massive Club Edit
9. L.E.X Massive Club Mix
10. L.E.X Massive Dub Mix
11. Morel's Pink Noise Edit
12. Morel's Pink Noise Mix
13. Morel's Pink Noise Dub

More Tatu Demo Songs

Here are some more tatu demos. And lyrics for these songs will be uploaded very soon...

All my love
Kosmos (instrumental)
Monkey (acapella)
New Model
New Model (instrumental)
Reach Out
Reach Out (instrumental)
Monkey (instrumental)

Tatu In Document " A Future Star "

Little stars of sports, movies and advertisement. They are still just the children but have to follow cruel laws of grown-ups. How to become a champion without becoming a disabled person? How to remain a child where instead of school, you have tours and instead of friends – you got producers? Tragic lives of the show business rookies and children that became famous and fulfilled their parents' dreams.

All of this - in the new documentary of Ilya Zimin "A future star" at NTV, Russia on Saturday, November 26 at 19.30 (Moscow Time).

Downloads to Extras

Ok well, as you see I have changed the page title Downloads into Extras. The reason why I have changed it is because I added Biography and I am going to add Avatars and Icons and more check it out everyday to see what I have added! Enjoy

** And if you have any ideas for my website please contact me at dangerousandmovin@yahoo.com

Forum Added!

Finally I have added an Forum click on the link below to check it out and sign up to the forum if you want!


t.A.T.u. STS

Two weeks in a row the shooting crew of Russian TV-channel STS was chasing Lena and Julia during rehearsals, presentations, concerts and interview, and finally… «t.A.T.u. are coming! Give way to t.A.T.u.»! November 24 (Thursday) at 7:30 PM an exclusive story about t.A.T.u. is coming out on STS channel in the program “Stories in details”. The t.A.T.u. story will be repeated November, 25 (Friday) at 11:30 PM and November, 28 (Monday) at 9 AM.

Friend Or Foe Released

Ok great news! The friend or foe video has been released underneath is the link to whatch it! Enjoy

'Friend or Foe'

Lyrics Updated

Ok well I have seperated all the lyrics! Go to lyrics click on the album you want and there are the list of songs click on one and there are your lyrics if there are any erroes please contact me at dangerousandmovin@yahoo.com

File Added

I have added a file with new remixes, It includes Lyudi Invalidy, All About Us, and Friend Or Foe?You can find the file under downloads (audio) or you can click the following:

t.A.T.u. Remixes

More Lyrics Added

I have just added more lyrics I KNOW and ALL MY LOVE both in english and lyrics may not be 100 percent correct and theres a part ?, which means i dont know the line and underneath are some new demo songs


All my love

I know down Version 1

I know down Version 2



Official Top Charts

Single: All About Us

World: #18
European Union: #7

Austria: #3
Belgium (Wallony): #13
Belgium (Flanders): #12
Czechia: #40
Finland: Out (Best: #4)
France: #87
Germany: #9
Greece: #9
Hungary: #36 (Best: #31)
Ireland: #36 (Best: #20)
Italy: #16 (Best: #7)
Latvia: Out (Best: #14)
Lithuania: #7 (Best: #5)
Luxembourg: #14
Norway: #10
Romania: #55 (Best: #48)
Spain: #11
Sweden: #7 (Best: #6)
Switzerland: #15

Album: Dangerous and Moving

European Union: #42 (Best: #23)

Lena's Demos

"I know" and You" - two new demos + "Kosmos", "Cosmos", "Sacrifice", , and "Vsya moya lyubov" in english! These songs were recorded by Lena with Sergey Galoyan in 2004 :)



All my love

I know down Version 1

I know down Version 2




Under Downloads page (Audio)  I have added remixes for every cd you should check it out you might like it



Downloads page has new features. Well now if you go to page you'll see either Audio or Video click either one you can download, I have added more videos and more audios, check it out


EMA Awards

Today from 12 am till 5 pm MTV EMA 2005 dress rehearsa is taking place at Lisbon. Tatu are about to go on stage to rehearse their appearance. Before the ceremony Lena and Julia will share their impressions with almost every European MTV channel.

Starting from 5:30 pm (8:30 pm Moscow time) all VIP-guests of the award will make a red carpet appearance that usually takes half an hour. Approximately hundred photographers and half a hundred TV-channels will be working in the red carpet area. Only MTV News International together with Shaggy will be greeting guests right from the red carpet.

After presenting the award in the "Best Male Artist" category Tatu will take part in the backstage media run, that will end with appearance before a hundred of photographers from international agencies. Fresh pictures will appear tonight already.

You can watch live broadcast here, in the "Watch Live Show" section:


Official Russia Website New Design

Andrew Artishev presented new version of tatu.ru. Fresh look, easy navigation, more interesting and more stylish. At first design studio "Andrea production" made CD design for international t.A.T.u. album "Dangerous and Moving" and new web site will have the same style. By our information - new site is ready for publishing but we don't know why its still wasn't upload...
Design is here

Lyudi invalidy Download

Under Downloads i have added a zip file named Lyudi Invalidy (Full Album) it contains pictures and all 11 songs from the cd check it out here Download

Lyrics Updated

All Lyrics from both new Albums D/M and L/I all lyrics are there if I missed one or there are some errors please feel free to e-mail me at dangerousandmovin@yahoo.com

Lyudi Invalidy Released

The highly anticipated new russian album is released in Russian today (20th October 2005).

The tracklisting for "Lyudi Invalidy" is as follows





Friend Or Foe Video

The video for “Friend or Foe”, the second single from the international album version, has been shot! Today at 6:05 pm Lena and Julia are arriving at Sheremetyevo-2 from Los Angeles to participate in the presentation of the album “Ludi Invalidi” (“Dangerous and Moving”).

The presentation takes place October, 21 at 4 pm in the MediaHyperMarket “Soyuz” (Pyatnitskaya Street, 29). The open-air performance planned before is cancelled due to technical issues, but there will be an autograph-session and live performance inside “Soyuz”.

At the end of October the second album launch party is being planned.


Lyudi Invalidy on Radio

Well as we all know today they will run through the songs of the album Lyudi Invalidy on the radio. So far we know that Novaya Model is the russian version of Perfect Enemy and Ty Soglasna has a new beat and Loves Me Not on Lyudi Invalidy has a different rythym! Underneath I have posted the songs so far that have been on the radio so you can download them and hear them


Novaya Model

Loves Me Not - Lyudi Invalidy Version

t.A.T.u. on Tribu Move

Click on the pictures to enlarge

t.A.T.u. appeared on the article Tribu Move in europe click on the pictures to see the articles and what they wrote, its an a different language so there are no translations sorry it would just take to long to make them sorry so enjoy the articles and pictures

t.A.T.u. New Video Friend Or Foe?

On October 13, after a four-day visit to Japan, t.A.T.u. left for Los Angeles, where on October,16 – October,18 a new video for the song “Friend or Foe” – the second single for the international album - will be shot. The third video will be directed by James Cox.

All Dangerous And Moving Copies Released

Its official all versions of Dangerous And Moving are released!!! So now you can buy the t.A.T.u. cds at all stores, eBay is the place where they sell those copies you should take a look, but BECAREFUL they might be bootlegs

t.A.T.u. Topcharts for All About Us

World: #35

Europe: #20
European Union: #34

Finland: #4
France: #91
Ireland: #23 (Best: #20)
Italy: #8
Latvia: #20
Luxembourg: #20
Norway: #10
Spain: #21
Sweden: #9
UK: #19 (Best: #8)

* Also t.A.T.u.'s album Dangerous And Moving so far has hit Number 5 on the topcharts in Japan!!!

Lyudi Invalidy Released Date Moved

This album Lyudi Invalidy will now be released on October 20, we do not know why they have just posted it off October 10 and moved it... But the album will be out soon!!!

Lena is 21 today October 4 2005

Today Elena Katina has turned 21 Happy birthday Elena!

Tatu have a new Manager

The promising collaboration between Caresse Henry and Tatu has come to an abrupt end. According to Yulia Volkova, they got a new manager. "We simply realised that we need another type of person for this job", said Yulia to the German channel Viva. Before her short collaboration with Tatu, Caresse Henry had been personal manager of Madonna’s

Some things on the Single's

When the album is released, traditionally there’s only one single that gets into rotation. But due to irreversible demo-track distribution process all over the world TWO singles – “LUDI INVALIDI” and “All About Us” - hit Russian radio stations simultaneously.
Current rotation statistics:
- Russian single-
The single is in rotation since September 1, 2005
Time the single is played on the radio – 3 weeks
Number of radio stations playing the single - 134
Number of cities covered – 332
Position in Airplay Detection TopHit 100 Chart – 63 ( the first week in rotation - 200 )
Position in Moscow Airplay TopHit 100 Chart – 113 (the second week in rotation – 133)
Total number of times the single is played - 8088 times
Including 7855 times in play-lists and 233 times requested by listeners
34 is the average number of times that the single is played in order to get requested by listeners
“All About Us”
- International single-
The single is in rotation since September 16, 2005
Time the single is played on the radio – 2 weeks
Number of radio stations playing the single - 50
Number of cities covered – 119
Position in Airplay Detection TopHit 100 Chart – 300
Position in Moscow Airplay TopHit 100 Chart – 200
Total number of times the single is played - 133 times
Including 127 times in play-lists and 6 times requested by listeners
21 is the average number of times that the single is played in order to get requested by listeners.
** Also i wanted to say that I have removed the Promos and Vinyls Page, but the good news is that all those promos and vinyl albums are now under the Single's section check it out

New Songs To Download!

Great news I have just added songs so you can download I have added

Divine - Loves Me Not - Lyudi Invalidy - All About Us - All About Us (Insturmental) - All About Us (Remixes)

** Lyudi Invalidy is full its not a demo it is album version

Divine Released

Since all you t.A.T.u. fans know that they have a new song called Divine and the song has been leaked!! It was on the cd single All About Us, you can order this cd on HMV UK. So i have heard the song Divine there are really no lyrics at all its just really a song beat and all they say is Divine check out my Lyrics and I will upload the song up here soon....

Follow these instructions if you want to see the video Lyudi Invalidy

Fans out there if you really want to see Lyudi Invalidy you have to do this read and follow

On the right of this page you'll see something that says Lastest Downloads. DO NOT click on Lyudi Invalidy i repeat DO NOT click on Lyudi Invalidy or other video RIGHT CLICK and SAVE TARGET AS after you Saved Target As go to your My Documents on your computer and youll see the file you saved. Double Click on it and it will directly open and youll see it on your default media player

Thank you and Enjoy

t.A.T.u. Will give two performances in Paris

For the first time ever, Tatu will perform in Paris! Yulia and Lena are scheduled for 2 live performances.

On September 30, they will be at NRJ Cine Awards to perform "All About Us" from the Grand Rex theatre in Paris. The ceremony begins at 20:50 (CET) and will be broadcasted live by French channel NRJ12.

On October 1, Tatu will perform on stage of Glam As You in Club Med World. Yulia and Lena will sing all their hits and present their new album to their gay, lesbian, bi, and straight fans. Glam as You is one of the biggest gay parties in Paris. The event takes place about 4 times a year and is the place to be for the most popular gay icons. The show begins at 00.00 (CET).

Tickets information:
Glam As You regular – 23€
Glam As You VIP. – 150€ (table in VIP space, up to 5 people)
Tickets available at 

Dangerous And Moving Promo Tour Dates


September  12 – Barcelona (Spain)
September  13 – Madrid (Spain)
September  14 – Paris (France)
September  15 - 16 – Italy
September  17 - 23 – London (England)
September  24 – Baden-Baden (Germany)
September  26 - Helsinki (Finland)
September  27 – Munich (Germany)
September  28 – Berlin (Germany)
September  29 – Cologne (Germany)
September  30 – Vienna (Austria)

* Dates may change

Dangerous And Moving (Bonus Tracks)

Well all good news t.A.T.u. fans out there t.A.T.u. have realeased a new song Divine and that song will be avalible on the cd Dangerous and Moving (Bonus Tracks) in japan which will be out October 5th 2005

Japenese Dangerous And Moving

Well this is to be say the Dangerous and moving Limited edition cover, theres more info on taty.jp

Legal Trouble

Im so sorry to say this but your going to have to delete your new t.A.T.u. songs for Dangerous And Moving, I just dont want you to get into any trouble downloading one full new tatu song is fine but the full album isnt! So just for your safety, please delete your songs from your computer, I dont want you to get into any trouble

From the owner of the site

Dangerous And Moving Lyrics...

all the lyrics for the album dangerous and moving are now here they may not be %100 correct but thats good for now check them out

Lyudi Invalidy

Note: Please right click and save as for the Lyudi Invalidy Fragment Video, I want you to do this because if you just click it you wont hear anything so right click save as and whatch the video on windows media player, Thank you and enjoy the sneak preview of Lyudi Invalidy

Latest Downloads Problem

Im sorry but there has been a problem with the lastest downloads... Im doing my best to fix them. They will be avalible around 5:30 Eastern time, sorry for the problem

Translations For Songs

Lyudi Invalidy is the russian version for Dangerous And Moving  We Shout is the englsih version of either Ty Soglasna or Nichya. Ivan S. wrote the song Lyudi-Invalidy (Demo) it was during the Podnebsnaya time

We Shout: Alexandfrovski L, Martin Kierszenbaum, Nekkermann, Valeri Polienko
Cosmos (Outer Space): Alexandrovski L, Martin Kierszenabum, Valery Polienko, Sergey Galoyan Dangerous and Moving
: Alexandrovski L, Martin Kierszenabum, Valery Polienko, Ivan Shapovolov
Friend or Foe: Martin Kierszenbaum, Dave Stewart
Sacrifice: Sergey Galoyan, Martin Kierszenbaum
Perfect Enemy: Sergey Galoyan, Martin Kierszenbaum, Peter Right

What does this tell us? Basically, we have further confirmation that the demo we have for "Lyudi-Invalidy" is indeed the basis for the song to be on the album and that "Dangerous and Moving" is the english version of that song. It also shows that "We Shout" is the english version of a Russian song, presumeably either "Nichya" or "Ty Soglansna." Since neither "Friend or Foe" OR "Sacrifice" or "Perfect Enemy" have Russian author credits for Lyrics we can see that these songs were not based off of Russian Songs. As well, according to Sergei Galoyan's official forum two of the songs had different titles "Reach Out (We Shout)" and "Wrap It Up (Perfect Enemy)."

Dangerous And Moving Cover

This is the International cover for Dangerous And Moving

All About Us Back Cover

Can that be The Front And Back Cover for the single All About Us? Well its makes perfect sense those two pictures match prefectly so i beleive thats how the Front and back covers will be (1st Pic. Front Cover 2nd Pic. Back cover)


Lyudi Invalidy & Dangerous And Moving

I have just added all the songs and lyrics for Lyudi Invalidy And Dangerous And Moving. And the songs

Outer Space, Loves Me Not, Freind Or Foe, Craving, Sacrifice, We Shout, Perfect Enimie, Novaya Model, Kosmos, And Vso Moya Lyubov

Have the Soon To Come... Sign those songs lyrics will be added a.s.a.p. when they come out but for now they are as no lyrics the other songs have lyrics take a look at Lyrics and see what i have done. Also the song demos by tatu will be added after the cd Dangerous And Moving comes out, sorry i have to add them to late but for now the lyrics will not be touched and you may take all the lyrics you want from the lyric section and ill be updating the News alot so come check by every week for new photos

The Owner Of The Site*

All About Us Video Edit

All About Us Video is avalible at www.tatugirls.com but its edit version they left out the gun shot part I think the Unedit version is better thats my opinion

About the Single's

Under my Single's page I have added alot more and theres two All About Us Covers I still dont know which country is to which but ill check that soon


t.A.T.u. Promo Tours And Album Releases

t.A.T.u.'s cd Lyudi Invalidy wil be released in September when the single All About Us Comes out

Tours will begin September 11 The European tour and the schedual will be avalible on www.tatu.ru 

More news to come... 

Tracks For Lyudi Invaildy

The tracks for the new Album Lyudi Invalidy Are In the Albums Section If You Wanna Check it out

Dangerous And Moving

Can this really be the cover for Dangerous And Moving? There may be different covers for different countrys Like for 200 km/h in the wrong lane there was many different covers well heres a preview of a cover

Dangerous And

All About Us Lyrics

All About Us is now under lyrics click here Lyrics to go check themout

All About Us

the video all about us came out All About Us Video Throu out the video theres many papers that say some of the track names of dangerous and moving one says Freind or foe the other Perfect eminemies and on and on... Enjoy the video

GomenAsai lyrics released

A couple lyrics for the song gomenasi has been released ill try to go look around for them

Gomenasai The New t.A.T.u Song for Japan

t.A.T.u.'s song Gomenasi is an english song for japan I do not have full information for this song ill try my best to upload it here...


New Pic From All About Us


t.A.T.u.'s "All About Us" Single on a Radio Station Near You Soon!

t.A.T.u. will release to radio the first single from their forthcoming "Dangerous and Moving" album this month. The commercial single will be released in most of the world on Sept. 26th to be followed by the album on Oct. 10th/11th.

No Dates Avalible
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