Julia Volkova

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Julia Volkova

Year and place of birth:
20th of February, 1985, Moscow, Russia
Nickname: Volk, Volchonok (baby wolf), Volchise (Big wolf)
Weight: 42 Kg.
1992-1996 - junior high school # 882, Moscow
1993-2000 - junior music school, piano course, Moscow
1996-2000 - senior high school # 1113, Moscow
2000 till today - Moscow State Music School, faculty of vocals
Working experience:
From August 1999 and till today - duet T.A.T.U
1996-1998 - kids-band "Neposedi"
5 years of tennis training. Also was very much into figure skating, swimming, ballroom dances.
Yulia in Brief:
Little is known about Yulia Volkova, born in Moscow, February, 20 1985. Raised by parents Larissa Volkova and Oleg Wolves. Yulia is an only child. Described as the crazy and energetic of t.A.T.u., Yulia likes to spend her free time playing tennis. This blue seventeen year old prefers the color blue and roses, and loves to drink tomato juice. And singing its not her only talent, she can also play the piano. In people she prefers most of all sincerity.


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